Why You Should Buy a Kindle

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kindle

Why you should buy a Kindle? This question arises in your mind when you’re changing your reading habits from physical books to more convenient and easy to use digital method ‘Kindle‘. Initially, You might not approve the idea of buying a Kindle but once you finish reading this article on “Why you should buy a kindle“, You will realize that it is better than reading physical books as Kindly offers plethora of benefits to its users.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a Kindle:

1.) Convenience

The biggest plus-point of Kindle is its convenience to use. It is lightweight, easy to use device which gives you additional benefits of reading in the dark. You can not read physical books in the dark. You can manage font sizes as per your need that isn’t possible with books. Aren’t these features amazing ?

2.) Battery

Battery of a kindle device can last for many weeks depending on your brightness settings. You will not need to charge your device every now and then, once you charge your device to the fullest, you can carry it anywhere.

3.) In-built dictionary

Sometimes, When you don’t know the meaning of a word, you use a dictionary to search that word but that takes a lot of time. Kindle has a solution for this, It has an in-built dictionary for you that will save your time.

If you are planning to improve your vocabulary then Kindle is a right choice. All the words you look up in the dictionary will be added to your Vocabulary Builder in your Kindle device.

4.) Save Your Physical Space

Kindle is an efficient way to save your physical space. When you use Kindle, you can store thousands of books in it without worrying about your physical space. But that’s not possible with the physical books.

5.) Reduces Eye Strain

Kindle was made for reading purpose only. So, It doesn’t put strain on our eyes like smart phone and tablet does. When you read books on Kindle, The experience is very similar to reading a hard copy of a book.


6.) Perfect Travel Companion

Kindle is a lightweight device that is very portable. You can not carry more than 3-4 books when you’re travelling but with Kindle you can bring all your collection at any place.

7.) Lower price

Kindle books are comparatively cheaper than hard copies of the books. When you buy Ebooks from Kindle, you will not have to pay shipping charges also the price of the book is gonna be slightly lower. It is one of the best reason among ’10 reasons to buy a kindle’.

8.) Sharing made easy with Kindle

Do you know that you can lend books to your friends and family members if they have an Amazon account? You can lend your book for a pre-determined period of time and during this time you won’t have access to the book. Once the period of books ends, You can have your book and you will regain access to it. It is similar to the real world experience.

9.) Access to free E-books

At Kindle, There is a huge number of books that are available for free. You can read those books without paying a single penny.

10.) Sample your books before buying

When you buy a book from a bookstore, You read some lines/pages of that book to get an insight about the book. Similarly, You can read the sample of the books at Kindle before buying the book. It is also one of the most important benefit of buying a Kindle device.


11. Read Embarrassing Books in Public

We all have those moments when we’d rather not be reading a book in public. With the Kindle, you can indulge in your guilty pleasures without anybody around you having to know. It’s basically the 21st century version of hiding the book behind another (better) book’s cover.


So if you’re on the fence about buying the Kindle like I was, I’d definitely recommend you go for it because the Kindle has changed my life for the better and is well worth the investment. The only real drawback for me is the fact that it is black and white and while most books I read don’t have color, it’s good to have that option. I was also worried I wouldn’t enjoy reading from something that wasn’t a physical book, but it literally took me less than an hour to get used to and enjoy reading on a Kindle. It’s safe to say that the Kindle is one of my most used and loved tech devices at the moment.


So, These were some of the best reasons to tell you the importance of Kindle and why you should buy a Kindle. Kindle is a device which is gained immense popularity lately because of its features. I hope you liked the article about Kindle.

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