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How you can “get six pack abs” in just 3 weeks

How you can “get six pack abs” in just 3 weeks : Getting six packs abs is a necessity for many people nowadays and a fashion too. Many boys believe it’s a swag while the other believes it is a strength of fighting. For whatever the reason it may be, we are going to tell you how you can also get six pack abs in just 3 weeks. Yes, we will let you know the instructions on how you can achieve the goal of getting 6 pack abs in just 21 days. So, let us discuss how you can do it.

Diet :

6 pack abs diet



The most important thing to start building your six pack abs is protein. Protein helps to build lean muscle that is important for your body to get six pack abs as soon as possible. So, all you have to do is to get enough of protein throughout your day to make some lean muscles. Protein is also believed to burn fat that is unhealthy for our body. Think of a person that has a big fatty stomach but he wants to get six pack abs. The first thing that he would be required to do would be to burn his fat. This becomes easy with the intake of enough of a protein-rich diet.

Say No to Junk Food Fat

You might be one of the people that like to grab oily food and junk fast food every now and then, but you need to stop doing it as soon as possible. If you want six pack abs, then you must focus on how you can get healthy fats. By saying healthy fats, we mean, you should grab fish oils, olive oils, nuts, and more healthy fats to include in your diet.

Eat Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables do a lot of help in making your six pack abs. Including green vegetables in your daily diet will make sure that you get all of the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. Also, make sure to get enough of the green vegetables as you will have to increase your diet.

Eat More than you usually do

You may have been eating enough of food in your usual days but when you aim to get six pack abs, you must make sure that you increase your diet as well. Also, as you start your exercises, your hunger will automatically increase with time and you will be able to eat more. Get all the healthy food that you can eat throughout your day.

Eat More Often

By saying eat more often, we mean, you need to increase the number of meals that you take throughout your day. You might be pushing yourself hard to eat more and more but you still might not be eating as much as you are required to.  So, all you have to do is to break your 3 times meal into more number of meals throughout your day. This should also mean that you should take smaller meals but at shorter intervals. Say you can plan up to 6 meals a day in which you may decide to have your breakfast, raw nuts as your snacks, a healthy meal, again snacks, again a healthy meal and some fruits.

Don’t forget your water bottle

Are you trying your best and still not feeling as good as you should feel? You might not be drinking enough of water then. Water is something people often forget about. So, you need to keep in mind to drink plenty of water and at regular intervals. People often ask how much water they should drink throughout their day, and the answer is very simple, as much as their body allow. Different people may have different thrust levels so they should drink as much as they feel is enough but at regular intervals.

Exercises :

6 pack abs exercises


For those dreaming to get six pack abs, need to start doing pull-ups. What pull-ups actually do is they strengthen your biceps and back. Other than biceps and back, pull-ups also strengthen your core strength. Also, when you pull-up, your abs also do a lot of workout with it.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are meant for getting shredded abs and also this exercise is much easier than the traditional crunches. So, why not give it a try?

Ab Wheel Rollout

Ab wheel rollout is a very effective workout for your abs to develop as soon as possible. In this, you slowly push a wheel to roll back and forth. This way, your abs will strengthen and take shape as you continue to do it for weeks.


Cardio is an exercise which is considered to be a nice way to burn your body fat. While doing the other exercises, you can quickly switch to cardio and start doing it for some time and then get back to your abs exercises. This will make sure that the heavy diet that you are taking will not build up any extra fat that your body does not need.


Sit-ups are one of the best exercises for abs in which this exercise makes sure that your upper and middle part of stomach take shape. Although it does shape the upper and middle part of your stomach, you still need to carry on with your other exercises that focus on the lower stomach muscles.

Side Plank

Doing side planks mean you will be putting your obliques on work. This exercise also plays a big role in making you ready to get six pack abs in just a period of 3 weeks.


While you may put all of your efforts in these 3 weeks, the most important task to not forget is to take proper rest every day. A proper sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours will let your muscles relax. Also, your muscles need to be relaxed and you should not strain them hard to shape in six-pack abs. You should make all of your efforts and give your abs some time to rest and develop.

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