Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant : Over the last one year, I’ve been making a conscious effort to change to safer and natural skincare and beauty products.Not only are natural products better for the health of your skin but they are also eco-friendly.

There is one product that’s deodorant and I have been struggling with, while making this switch to a way of life. Having read and heard so many negative things I found myself needing to to try deodorants that are natural, but the few times I did try them out, I did not have the very best experience. I read reports of a lot of people struggling to get the product that works nicely for them.

That’s why when someone from Aroha Nature Products provided to send me their organic deodorants to test out, I was both excited and a little anxious.

Why to use natural deodorant

Aroha is a recently launched brand of organic and natural products with the doctrine of enabling people to transition into a chemical free lifestyle without burning a hole in their pockets. Their products can also be amazing for the surroundings as they’re intended to have minimal carbon footprint.

Why to use natural deodorant

Unlike my prior experience with deodorants, I truly love these ones and they found a place in my daily routine. All three variants have a very soothing fragrance that, to my surprise, continues all day. The packaging is adorable and earthy, and the item is compact, making it perfect to carry anywhere you go. Additionally, ever since I started using this, I feel there body odor involved and like I really sweat less, so that’s something I’m quite impressed with.

What I love about such deodorants is their listing of ingredients, which include jojoba, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and organic food colorant. These goods are devoid of toxic materials like aluminum parabens, alcohol and chemical compounds. The deodorants are costly at Rs. 250 every day, which makes them very affordable.

Having tried all 3 variants, I have to acknowledge they smell wonderful but my personal favorite is the Floral Spell, which has a floral and feminine odor.

Why to use natural deodorant

If you Are still on the edge, here are a Couple of reasons that will definitely convince you to Change to a deodorant that is natural, like the one from Aroha:

1. Say goodbye to chemicals

Most deodorants are full of substances such as parabens and aluminum that are toxic to you and have been linked to issues such as breast cancer. Parabens are proven to trigger hormonal imbalances so I think that this is the reason to make the switch to go natural.

2. Sweating is healthy

Sweating is one of the ways in which our own body detoxes and using antiperspirants really can interfere with the body’s natural detox properties.

Once your body gets used to sweating you begin to sweat.

3. Avoid Irritation

Natural skincare products work with your skin instead of against it and also avoid any kind of irritation or rash.

4. Eco-friendly

These deodorants’ packaging consists of 100% recycled paper. The products are also not tested on animals and cruelty free.

5. You can count the list of ingredients on one hand

The fewer the items that enter your product, the safer they are to use.

6. No stains on your clothes

You know how you use an antiperspirant without realizing until later your T-shirt has turned yellow and wear a shirt that is nice? That won’t ever happen with a deodorant.

7. Think long-term

The unwanted effects of using products full of chemicals usually take years to manifest, and by then it can be too late to go back. Why don’t you save your self the problem and be mindful of the products that you use now?

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