Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review

After the bumper flash sales of Redmi note 5 pro. Xiaomi Redmi 6, a new phone has been released to again go on flash sales. You all should again prepare yourself for the lucky flash sales because many are left disappointed in such flash sales. With all the great features of this phone, we think this is also going to be another favorite phone of many people.


These are some of the highlights of this phone:


The display of this phone is a bit smaller than the previous Redmi series phones. This phone comes with a 5.45-inch IPS LCD screen which has an 18:9 ratio just like the previous series of Redmi. Even after being a bit smaller than before, the screen of this phone looks very nice. You get a 720 HD screen with this new phone which is fine for normal media consumption.


Xiaomi Redmi 6 phone is coming with Android Oreo out of the box. This makes this phone a bit more attracting because people often want the latest offering from the market. Also, this phone is coming with the old MIUI 9, it is expected to get the latest software update very soon.


This phone is coming with a dual camera setup at the rear of the phone. Dual cameras of 12 MP + 5 MP at the rear make this phone even more attractive to the customers. You can expect some nice quality images with this new Redmi 6 device. Also, there is a 5 MP of selfie camera which seems just the same as the previous series phones.

Xiaomi 6 camera samples:

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This phone is coming with 2 storage variants, 32 GB with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB with 4 GB RAM. This is a very nice thing that they have the base variant as 32 GB not 16 Gb. In today’s world, we require a lot of space to store our hundreds of music, videos, and photos. With such increasing requirements, 32 Gb variant as base model is a must these days and Xiaomi has taken care of this thing.


Redmi 6 is coming with a 3000 mAhbattery. This is an area where you might get disappointed because Xiaomi has decreased the battery capacity of this phone as compared to the previous series of phones. This can be a big factor for many people to whether purchase Redmi 6 or not. This is so because Xiaomi is known to release phones with big battery capacity.


  • Big display
  • Android Oreo
  • Dual cameras
  • Base storage of 32 GB


  • Low resolution of the display
  • Runs old MIUI 9
  • A smaller battery of 3000mAh
  • 5 MP of selfie camera only

 So, this was a review of Redmi 6 phone and this phone is not recommended to everyone. If you want a budget phone that may have enough of features in a low price range, then this phone is for you. Xiaomi could have done better with its new series of phones, but still this is a nice low price range device.

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